First trailer of Cheaters

The release date of our first videogame is close. We have now a trailer:

Sneak peek

Hi guys. We still developing our game. Currently we’re working in the art stuff so let’s see the first in-game screen shot:

Screen shot!

The game is almost finished, we’re working on beta-testing and graphics stuff and integrating it in Game Center. We hope in summer will be released, coming soon the videogame trailer!!

MD continues alive!!!

We weren’t dead, just working on our projects. Coming soon more information about them!

Our logo!!

Maniac Developers’s just come out!!!

A new team developing iOS applications has born. Here you can find information about our projects and eventually learn some stuff about iOS developement.

Nowadays we’re working on two projects. The first one is the biggest one. It’s our last degree project, a Tower Defense videogame with lots of sense of humour. The second one is kind of puzzle videogame, a very  fresh one.